How to read JEKCA's instructions?


Things to know before start:

  • There are different lengths of pins to lock the bricks:
  • JEKCA items are built from bottom to top.

  • Some products may share the same manual. The procedure is exactly the same despite the differences of the colours of bricks and pins.





Let's start!

  1. Place the first layer of bricks accordingly. The blue region means the bricks are on the same layer and will be connnected in later step.

  2. Stack another layer of bricks on top.

  3. Place the SS2** pins in the correct holes.
    Lighter colored bricks indicated bricks built in previous steps (grey green in this example).

    Turn 90° clockwise to lock the pins. Do not exceed 90°.
    **Please distinguish between pins of different lengths. SS2 is used if the length of pin is not specified.

  4. Stack the bricks and lock the pins according to the next step. Repeat until the last step.





  • From time to time, make sure every layer of bricks is locked.
  • Sometimes some bricks may appear to be suspended. Please move on and they will be connected to the main body by bricks from above.
  • If you have any question about our products, please contact us through Chatbox or at