1. What should I do if there are missing / damaged items?
Please contact us at info@jekca.uk.

Privacy and safety
1. Are my personal details safe?
Yes, we are committed to protect your privacy and personal information and your information will be used for fulfilling your orders and our promotion only.

1. Is this a genuine JEKCA online shop?
Yes! www.jecka.uk is completely operated by JEKCA.

2. Do you provide custom-made service?
We are sorry that we do not customize our models, but extra bricks and screws can be purchased to modify your models. If you have any building ideas, you are welcome to email us at info@jekca.uk.

3. Are the items come assembled?
No. You can assemble the model based on the step-by-step instructions in the kit. The procedure is easy to follow with well illustrated pictures.​​​​​​​